Work experience for young professionals

An internship in a work experience arrangement between a business and a student or recent graduate. During the internship host companies work closely with interns to nurture and develop their practical experience.

The benefits of hiring an Intern.

Additional Member

An intern is someone that is yearning for knowledge and experience. With some guidance and intern can become a strong member of your business, helping you to achieve your objectives. The benefit is two-fold, your business gains additional support and the intern has the opportunity to develop their knowledge and experience.

Adding a new perspective and dynamic to your business

Re- invigorate your team with a fresh pair of eyes and new insights into your business with an interns who is eager to demonstrate their knowledge and ability. Interns have been through the latest educational curriculum and more that likely have knowledge and understanding that could be of great value to your business.

Gain a future employee

It is no secret that the best method for choosing the right employee is past performance. Having an intern start in your business is the best way to gauge their work ethic and cultural fit. Many companies go on to retain interns because they have demonstrated ability to exceed expectations and add real value to a business.

Build leaders within your business

Interns have a way of motivating your employees to become mentors. Interns often prompt employees to be the best at what they do so they can pass on beneficial knowledge.

No financial cost to your business

Elisse interns are eager to learn and establish a firm grounding in their desired career and treat their internship as an intensive learning experience.

  • Elisse understands that each business is unique and therefore will have specific requirements when it comes to their staff. We will carefully assess candidates so that their skills and education match with your business and job profile.
  • We have a wide range of interns applying with us from various educational and vocational backgrounds. Our Interns are already assessed and ready to interview with your company right away. The large number of applicants we have in our internship pool allows us to find the best fit for your business.
  • Elisse provide job-ready training to all our interns so that when they start they can hit the ground running.
  • In the unlikely event that the intern is not a good match for your organisation, Elisse can quickly resolve the issue for both parties by finding you a replacement and finding a new host for the intern.

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