Professional Development

With competition for graduate jobs intensifying, employability for international students has emerged as a key issue for the international education sector. Employers are starting to expect more from their new hires and in most cases require graduates to have minimum work experience within their fields of interest.

Our work readiness program assists students and graduates further develop their professional skills in a business setting and gain practical industry experience that will facilitate their transition from study to a successful career.

Student Benefits:

Attain knowledge of employer expectations in the Australian workplace.

Enhance business communication and writing skills

Improve interview skills and the ability to perform during recruitment activities.

Program overview

CV Revision

  • CV review
  • Professional editing

Job Interview Skills Training

  • Up to 3 interview coaching sessions with an Elisse Career Advisor
  • Learn practical techniques to succeed at your interview


Communication Skills Course:

  • Communicate your message in a way that is clear, concise and embraced by others.
  • Understand how to connect and interact with others in an interesting and engaging way.
  • Get the most positive outcomes from interviews, discussions & important communications.
  • Transfer your ideas, information and emotions effectively
Here’s How it Business Networking Basics Course: Professional Networking Strategies Works
  • Learn about effective networking strategies
  • Learn what to do at a networking event
  • Become a confident networker and learn ways to leverage professional relationships