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Become an RTO partner

Are you an RTO looking to increase course enrolments and/or save time and money conducting Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes? Let Elisse Education do all the hard work for you.

Specialising in the administration of RPL processes and marketing of online courses, we’ll help you increase your course enrolments and revenue.


At Elisse, we are dedicated to administering and conducting RPL processes, from the promotion of skills recognition as a means of attaining formal recognition, to the process of securing RPL enrolments and conducting RPL assessments on your behalf.

Forget the costs and resources associated with managing RPL – we’ll oversee the entire process. All you have to do is review the application and issue the qualification!


Want to increase your course enrolments? As expert marketers of education solutions, we’ll help secure the online enrolments you need to increase your revenue. As our RTO partner, all you’ll need to do is administer the course via our e-Learning platform and issue the qualification. We’ll do the rest.


Sometimes our candidates have gaps in their knowledge base. In this case, we’ll conduct gap training to enable them to achieve their qualification. As a partner RTO, you’ll reap the profits of issuing a Statement of Attainment for every unit of competency they still need to meet.


Increase business revenue

Raise online course enrolments

Marketing of your RTO and presence on our website at no extra cost

Save costs of employing additional assessment staff to conduct RPL processes

Save on time and resources associated with developing RPL kits and assessments

Uncover new opportunities for your RTO

Enquire now to speak with one of our Education Advisors about becoming an Elisse RTO partner.

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