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English Courses If you believe that your English levels are For those who...

Before starting your course you will need to know what the expected English level is prior to commencing. Most institutions will have a minimum achievement from a select number of English examinations. Below are some of the expected results from 2 well known English tests:
  • Diploma

    IELTS – 5.5-6.0

    PTE – 45-50

  • Bachelor's

    IELTS – Minimum 6.0

    PTE – Minimum 50

  • Graduate Diploma

    IELTS – Minimum 6.0

    PTE – Minimum 50

  • Masters

    IELTS – Minimum 6.0

    PTE – Overall 6.5; no less than 50

If you feel that you are unable to meet the requirements of the university or college, don't stress!!! There is the possibility of attending English courses that provide a pathway to your course. This will generally involve a period of 4-26 weeks of full time study to prepare you for the English academic level of the course you will be persuing.

What is the cost?

English pathway costs vary from between...

$320 - $450 per week for full time study.

Im not sure about my English Level

Working out if you meet the required English level can be confusing. Elisse can help you find out exactly what you need to do meet the Eligibility criteria when it comes to English. Elisse have experienced advisors that can help determine the best option for you so you save time and money.

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Foundation Courses:

For many people their education background may not be strong enough to gain entry into courses with expected levels of knowledge. Not to worry, most universities offer what is called "Foundation Year" programs which give students an entry level background into the course fundamentals. This means that when you start your course you wont be disadvantaged by any gaps in your learning. Foundation courses are often recommended as they are a way for international students to experience the Australian social and education system before commencing advanced level coursework.

How does it work?

Upon application to the university, the university will decide whether your academic experience is substantial for direct entry into the course, or deem that you must complete the foundation course. The foundation course will generally consist of a year long program, however some may be shorter or longer, depending on your personal experience or the course difficulty.

The foundation course will cover subjects relevant to the course of your choosing. Generally they are within the areas of Science, Humanities and business and offer an entry-level foundation into the course you have engaged to pursue afterwards. An important element of the foundation course is English development and making sure that students are exposed to academic level English.

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Eligibility Requirements:

Although eligibility varies by institution it is common that requirements include:

Successful completion of High School And;

A minimum level of English (Generally though an accredited English exam such as IELTS or PTE).


Foundation Year costs vary depending on the institution however an approximate range is between $12,000 and $31,000